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Free Bitcoin Travel Card
Earn free Bitcoins everytime you use Wirex Free Multi-Currency Travel Card

The purpose of this article is to let my readers be aware of newly Introduced VISA Card which provides free Cryptocurrency and Cash back along with other benefits . However , I will briefly introduce Bitcoin for those who are new to the digital currency world .

What is BitCoin?

Digital Currency like BitCoin is one of the most sweeping innovations in the blockchain world. Unlike Rupees, Dollars, Euros etc, BitCoin is known as a decentralized currency that means instead of a bank or government a network of users can control or verify the transactions.

Does Bitcoin work like real money?

Yes, Once you have money in your Bitcoin wallet , you can send or receive bitcoin for the exchange of goods and services.

Where are the transactions of Bitcoin recorded?

Once the money is exchanged , the record of the transaction is publicly registered onto a ledger called BlockChain. Other Bitcoin users known as miners verify the transaction in the Blockchain and once verified, miners will receive newly minted Bitcoin for their work.

Is Bitcoin the future, really?

I am not a financial advisor, however i would say as Bitcoin is relatively new technology even futurists aren’t sure about its fate. But we can classify it under a high risk, high-reward portfolio .
In 2011, 1 Bitcoin ~ 1 USD.
In 2017 , 1 Bitcoin ~ $20000 USD.
Its highly volatile, but it can easily make anyone millionaire if invested at right time.

Can you help me to learn more about Bitcoin Investment?

Scope of this article doesn’t cover details on Bitcoin Investment . However, please contact through our support page if you are interested in short course on Bitcoin Investment which covers trusted apps for Bitcoins, best cryptocurrencies to buy , tricks to earn quick which you won’t find online & Bitcoin Mining.

How to earn free Bitcoin via VISA card?

Its worth to maintain some portfolio of Bitcoin and when its free . WIREX is the company which provide free digital currency as Cashback when you use their Free pre-paid VISA Card. These Bitcoin can be used for purchases and can be taken out as Cash.

Not only free digital currency , but this is a travel card and Wirex is tying up with Airports which in future will provide free International Lounge access and other Rewards.

Sounds Interesting! Not only this, Wirex card supports 150+ currencies and is accepted at more than 54m locations with free ATM withdrawals worldwide, making it the perfect travel companion.

Please use below link and create your Wirex to get Free Pre-paid Debit Card .Once you register using below link and deposit money or buy currency , Wirex will reward you with free cryptocurrency or Cash


Please note above referral link which must be used if you want to earn free Bitcoin rewards via Wirex.

Thanks for your time, Hope you liked the article.

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