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YOTEL Singapore Review YOTEL Singapore Review

YOTEL Singapore – A Futuristic Hotel in the Middle of Orchard Road

When looking for a hotel in Singapore, choose something that has everything you need for a comfortable stay in the city. Moreover, it should be something with great location, so you can get around the city with ease. The YOTEL Singapore is the best choice for a comfortable and easily accessible hotel. It’s a newly opened Singapore hotel that’s centrally located at the Orchard Road. Dubbed as Singapore’s best shopping destination, the Orchard Road is the perfect base for your Singapore trip. Aside from having an excellent location, there are several other great things that you’ll love about the YOTEL Singapore. Read this review to find out more about this newly opened futuristic hotel.

About The YOTEL Brand


The YOTEL brand markets itself as an affordable luxury hotel that caters to the modern traveler. The hotel chain has branches in various cities all over the world, including New York and Boston. They also have airport hotels in Amsterdam, Paris, and London and the Singapore branch is their first ever hotel in Asia. YOTEL’s main concept is technological innovation. Thus, each and every room is equipped with an electronic check-in system. Moreover, the rooms are fitted with convertible double beds and a control panel to operate the air conditioning and lights to make you have a unique experience.

In YOTEL Singapore, hotel as a guest, you will be welcomed by brilliant experiences. Having a self-service check-in and a 24/7 mission control team, the hotel is not like any other hotels you’ll stay in Singapore.

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Highly Convenient and Central Location

As mentioned, of the best things about YOTEL Singapore is its excellent location. Centrally located in the middle of Orchard Road, you’ll get easy access to some of the major landmarks of the city. In fact, the Orchard Road itself is a great shopping destination. Flanked by luxurious shopping malls, high-end boutiques, and upscale restaurants, the Orchard Road is Singapore’s most vibrant entertainment and shopping destination. You can conveniently enjoy a world-class shopping and dining experience when staying at YOTEL in Orchard Road. At night, you can experience the vibrant nightlife happening in the area. Walk towards the end of the road where you will find the Hard Rock Café. Otherwise, head over to the Emerald Hill near the Somerset MRT to experience a pulsating nightlife scene.

Specifically, YOTEL Singapore is situated within the International Building. This building is right next to the Thai embassy overshadowed by the nearby Shaw Centre. From the hotel, you can conveniently walk towards the Orchard Road MRT station, which is just mere five min away.  Thus, you can get access to some of Singapore’s most famous landmark in only a few minutes using the MRT.

Highly Innovative Amenities

The concept of YOTEL is to provide everything that their guests need at their fingertips. It’s about providing luxurious accommodation for all types of travelers, which leads to better quality of sleep. YOTEL also gives their guests the ability to check-in in less than a minute. Here are some of the most innovative amenities that guests can enjoy at YOTEL Singapore.

  • Self-service reception – instead of waiting to be served, you will have the option of getting it down on your own. This is such a great facility, something that you may not be able to experience with other hotels in Singapore.
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  • Snug and sufficient cabin – the YOTEL brand would refer to their rooms as cabins. These rooms are very modern looking and outfitted with the most modern technologies. The standard cabin size is a bit small, but they’re cosy and space has been efficiently maximized.


  • Adjustable bed – one of the key features at YOTEL Singapore is their adjustable bed. Depending on what you prefer, the beds can be adjusted to a couch position. Thus, if you just want to sit and watch TV, simply raise half of the bed to convert it into a couch. Put it back to recline position when you’re about to sleep.


Singapore might be an expensive country but you can enjoy a bit of luxury without the hefty price if you stay at YOTEL Singapore. YOTEL is a luxurious and comfortable hotel equipped with the finest amenities as mentioned above. Yet, it is definitely more affordable compared to the other luxurious hotels in the country.


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