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8 Must-Visit Singapore Museums | Museums in Singapore Guide

Singapore Museums Overview

Singapore’s cultural hub is booming, thus, it’s not surprising to see several new museums sprouting in the city. These museums feature some of the world’s best artworks boasting respectful values of the nation’s colorful and vibrant history. Each museum has its own character and values that deserve to be included in your list of places to see.

From historical artifacts, cultural relics, thought-provoking painting, and revolutionary sculptures, here’s a list of the must visit Singapore museums.

Art Science Museum


Located at the Marina Bay Sands Resort, the Art Science Museum is one of the most iconic structures in the city. Recognized for its distinctive shape, the museum features both arts and sciences together in the form of well-organized exhibits. The museum has been revamped into a permanent exhibition known as the Future World. Visitors will have an exciting opportunity to explore a state-of-the-art collection of digital art installations.

National Museum of Singapore


National Museum of Singapore

Interested in learning about the country’s history?, Then start with the National Museum of Singapore. Founded in 1887, the museum is the oldest in the city and has borne witness to the vibrant and challenging events of the country. It displays a huge exhibition of photography, food, film, and fashion. The best way to learn about the country’s history is at the History Gallery which showcases photographs that trace back to the 14th century up until the present day.

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Asian Civilizations Museum


Asian Civilizations Museum

The Asian Civilisations Museum is dedicated to the exhibits of art collections and artifacts from different regions in Asia, such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, China and West Asia. Located near the Singapore River bank, this is the best place to learn more about Asia’s culture and history.

National Design Center



Located between Bugis and Bras Basah, the National Design Center features several exhibits about arts and design. Last year, the museum ran an exhibit called the Fifty Years of Singapore Design, which showcases the interesting evolution of designs through the years.

Red Dot Design Museum



If you love pretty things and interesting designs, this museum should be on your list of must visit Singapore museums. From parasols to lightings, the Red Dot Design Museum showcases more than a thousand interesting art pieces from over 50 countries all over the world. After checking out the exhibition, head to the Design Museum Shop where you can buy interesting Singapore souvenirs such as paper quilted home decors and different kinds of artisan jewelry.

MINT Museum of Toys



The MINT Museum of Toys is another museum that is a must visit during your trip to Singapore. Featuring a collection of vintage toys, the museum houses more than 50,000 pieces of toys from around the world. If you’re visiting the National Design Center, simply walk down the road and you will find this museum.

Singapore Art Museum



The Singapore Art Museum is a contemporary art museum in Singapore that showcases art thinking and art making in the country and the entire region. It also focuses on the worldwide perspective of contemporary art practice.

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National Gallery Singapore



 In two buildings, the former City Hall and the former Supreme Court. The National Gallery Singapore showcases a wide collection of modern art from various artists all over Southeast Asia. The gallery also features the outstanding works of established artists as well as up and coming artists in the region.


Singapore is a great destination for artists and art lovers in general. This list of must-visit Singapore museums can serve as your guide when you feel like doing something cultural on your next visit to the city.

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